A word used to shorten FUCKING CUNT commonly used to describe someone just being a total and utter bitch x1000
Dude Halle was being a total FC today she wouldnt even let me look
by vneck express November 23, 2010
FC - Fresh Creps
Trainers That Have Just Been Bought & Person Wants To Show It Off
Check That Guy Over There With His FC
Thinking He Looks Good, Plezz
by Nadiiaah February 17, 2009
Short for Fan Clubs. The home to most of the cool people on Neopets. Also the only place to find roleplays including Neopets and other things such as toast, muffins, and any other non-living object.
I am a resident of the FC.
by Bonus_Points September 01, 2004
a crew that was formed in boston latin academy by a few seventh graders and they got outsiders in the crew
"yo fam ima get wit dat crew f.c."
"oh iight den bro do you then"
by randy ortiz March 05, 2009
Can sometimes be spelled fc, or F.C., but most commonly spelled as FC. FC is a group of hoodlums that wreaks havoc on innocent bystanders. If you see FC written somewhere they have probably struck there. They like to break into peoples houses and they doesnt afraid of anything. Thats why I bought a dog.
Todd: David!, someone has spray painted
"F C" on your garage door.
David: Todd is that you?
by Mistah David Levine January 13, 2009
Football Club- usually in england. however, there are other letters for different countries depending on the language.
Liverpool FC is da best!!
by myname? October 01, 2003
Abbreviation For "Fried Chicken" Lots Of People Eat It. Some People Just Dont Like It. Including Me. I Only Like It From KFC, Other Than That, FC Is Waaaaaaay Too Fatty And Gross Unless My Mom Cooks It :) FC Can Be Eaten With Sauce Or Rice Or More Chicken.
I Went To KFC Yesterday And I Told Them I Want Crispy FC And They Were Like "What?" And I Told Them It Meant Fried Chicken.
by Lady In A Blue Dress September 01, 2010

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