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An internet lingo which indicates someone doing a 'roaring' sound. It sounds cute in a way.
Where are my cookies?! rawr!!!
by pongkoy October 16, 2007
The Filipino term for handsome.
Tagalog: Ang gwapo naman ng kaibigan mo!

English: Your friend is so handsome!
by pongkoy October 16, 2007
Doggy sound which can be substituted to woof, bowow, etc.
Dog: arf! arf! arf! arf! arf!
by pongkoy October 16, 2007
An expression of awe.
Awwe, she's so cute~ NOT!
by pongkoy October 16, 2007
Fart; or can be used as a metaphor meaning a futile effort or unexpected failure of an anticipated event.
Tagalog: Parang utot ang paputok niya!

English: What a fart of a firecracker!
by pongkoy October 16, 2007
A lung disease commonly found from miners. A long word which many people know about, but its application is very very very limited.
Zomfg: Oh my goodness! My cousin, who's a miner, has acquired a-a... uhmmm... I forgot the word.It's like pneumo-something-ishconiosis.

WtfLma0: it's pneumonoultramicroscopic silicavolcanoconiosis
by pongkoy October 16, 2007
Acronym for 'Feeling Close'.
This word is usually used when someone acts like a close friend of another person who barely knows him/her.

(This expression is commonly used by Filipino teens.)
Wow, you're so FC to my friend.
by pongkoy October 16, 2007

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