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One of the most amazing girls you will ever meet in your life, unlike any other girl in the world. Moriah's are smart, sweet, sensitive, funny, good listeners, and INCREDIBLY romantic. Moriah's also have gorgeous ghetto booties and know how to work it! They're very sentimental and LOVE things from their childhood like Disney movies and Power Rangers! Moriah's are also secretly AMAZING lovers and great girlfriends, they are independent, sexy and absolutely gorgeous. When they love you it's forever and when they make love you will never forget it.
"Woah, dude did you see that Moriah walk by?"

"Dayyuum dude, I would hit that like HIROSHIMA!"

"I think I'm in love with Moriah"

"Dude, you better go for it, cause if you don't, I fact I challenge you to a fight to the death, in the Thunderdome!"
by Dead End Lover February 04, 2010
a name, it means "The Lord is my teacher." in Hebrew.
Its also the gold toppped mountian in which Moses is supposedly burried under.
i like that Moriah chick shes hot like a mother fucker.
by MoriahBleu November 27, 2007
someone who is really fly
has a LOT of style and popular
very hott and loves to have funn

my best frind is a moriah
by manny43221 March 21, 2008
Probably one of the best people you will ever meet. Is loud, random, crazy, obnixous, friendly, loyal, funny, perverted, wholesome, open-minded, independent and so much more. She's the girl who everyone is jealous of and who comes to school wearing a pink tutu. Loves attention but doesn't go out of her way to get it.
Kid A: "You know that Moriah girl?"
Kid B: "There are people who DON'T?"
by MomoTheStrange July 18, 2009
deff. girl's name of it. in my experience is a shy hottiie. you need to tell her how it is yo, she don't knoe. love that about you, gurl!!!
hey checkin that assss, moriah.
by gatazzzax January 22, 2010
Moriah is a hot chick. She is very funny, loud and friendly. She is the girl every guy loves. She has a gorgeous bootie and knows how to work it! She is an awesome lover and is very passionate. Moriah has many friends and is an amazing sexy person.
Look at that hot chick Moriah.
by Quintin L May 09, 2015
when you make a plan and don't follow through.
Greg: "Sasha planed a halloween party but it never happened."
Jen: "That move was such a moriah"
by anna banana k April 08, 2008
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