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In Dance Dance Revolution, to "FC" a song is to score a "full combo"; that is, to not miss a single step.
I just FC'ed a Challenge level song! I'm awesome.
by Taylor Esformes April 02, 2004
A term originaly used by Dance Dance Revolution players, meaning to "full combo" a difficult section, or the entire thing by not missing a single step. Recently, the term has been used by Guitar Hero players when they complete a difficult section in a song or a completely full combo the song by not missing a single note in the section or song.
Dance Dance Revolution fc
bystander: look at that crazy fat kid! he isnt missing a single step!

Guitar Hero fc
bystander: look at that PriestMLH! he isnt missing a single note!
#fc #ddr #dance dance revolution #guitar hero #rock band
by THEguitarhero December 29, 2007
Refers to the chasis code of early models of the Mazda RX-7 (circa 1988 - 1991 in the US). The full chasis code was FC3S, but since just about all versions of the RX-7 have a "3S" ending, the first two letters are used to differentiate between this generation and the later "FD" generation (circa 1993-1995 in the US).

The FC3S RX-7 is known for it's 13B Turbo Rotary engine, especially for it's high maintenance standards and tendency to "blow" often.

The anime series Initial D features the FC3S RX-7 as the final rival car of the main character.
Ryosuke Takahasi's FC in Initial D
by boatman_x May 08, 2005
A term used generally when reading fanfiction on LiveJournal to mean that the user commenting has posted the first comment.
After reading fanfiction someone may post a comment such as: Dood, this story was amazing! OMFG, I got FC!
#fc #livejournal #fanfiction #fc! #comment
by rendezvous___ February 14, 2008
flirt capacity. its what girls or rather gay guys say when talking about how much they flirt with guys. it is possible to have an fc of 0-100, 0 being incredibly unsocial when it comes to the opposite(or same, depending on your sexuality) sex, and 100 being a whore. the average teenage girl with a lot of friends probably has a 30-75 fc.

flirt capacity loser whore popular
yea my fc went up now that i broke up with my boyfriend.
#flirt #flirtitude #fd #fc #fv #fg #fr #loser
by HCOgrlxoxo February 25, 2008
abbreviation for "Feeling Close". like when you meet some one just right now, you keep on talking and talking to him/her, as if you knew each other for a Long Time...
she's an FC. see i don't know her at all...
#fc's #fcs #friend #feelin' close #f.c
by creepikz September 12, 2010
Fc = Centripetal Force.
Fc = (Mass x Velocity^2) / Radius
There is no such thing as a centifugal force, you stupid person!
by Urban Dictionary November 01, 2004
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