Acronym for 'Feeling Close'.
This word is usually used when someone acts like a close friend of another person who barely knows him/her.

(This expression is commonly used by Filipino teens.)
Wow, you're so FC to my friend.
by pongkoy October 16, 2007
let's not start the fc argument again..
by darstar November 04, 2003
Female Companion- A female who offers companionship to individuales. solid friendship or awesome sex
we have a new nicname for you-FC, becuase your a female companioin of the captain
by HMF May 01, 2005
Short for FuckedCompany. Specifically, FuckedCompany.com. The site tracks general layoffs, company closings, company scandals, etc., with a slight technology and internet focus.

Notable for its highly active general message board (with lots of regulars along with incessant trolling, race baiting, etc.) and extensive highly humorous emoticon-like graphics.
Did you read FC today?

He's just another FC troll...
by Andy December 14, 2003
A car that shall soon, lay to burnination, many of other not so fast cars.
That dudes FC just owned you
by J-DAWG January 22, 2004
Usually refered to as Fucking Cunt; somebodys live-in g/f they can't get rid of for one reason or another that brings everybody down like a wet blanket.
Matt: How's your g/f?
Mike: I don't have a g/f... I have an FC!
Matt: What's an FC?
Mike: A Fucking Cunt
by Thrill_of_fear December 10, 2007
abbreviation for "Fire Crotch"

See also: fire crotch
If the carpet matches the drapes (and she has red hair), she is definitely an FC.
by Got-to-Know Joe November 14, 2007
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