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What one does when they are having a light nap, or catching up on some z's during history class!
History Teacher: When was the declaration of independence signed Whitney?
Whitney: *snore*
by Snorey March 19, 2004
A Social Networking Whore. (See also SNUT).

You know the ones, the friend whores..the collectors..

People/your "friends" who go through your Facebook and My Space, etc friends lists and try to add them to their even if they have never met them? Or try and hit them up to hook up?

Those people who think they really and truly have 500+ "friends".
After a party I had recently, one of my female attendees hit up all of the guys at the party on Facebook and added them as "friends". When I discussed what she did with another friend, they said "Oh that's just Christina. She does that all the time. She's a total SNORE!"

"Could he BE any more pathetic? He rummages around through my friends list and tells people he's my good friend and they should be his too..Stage 4 Cling-on and SUCH a SNORE!" (see also SNUT and Friend Whore)
by Jello Queen February 06, 2011
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