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to speak loudly and usually belligerently without knowing what in the fuck you are talking out.
What the fuck is he barking about now?
by vanuel February 03, 2004
Def: Hennessy, favorable among most rappers these days.
If mixed with Hypnotiq u get incredible hulk.
Got a styrofoam cup full of "bark", 4 deep in my old skool car- Paul wall &Jermaine dupri
by Tanner Mueller April 10, 2007
Used as a way to divert someones attention or mock a long and drawn out story.
After twenty minutes of a long boring story...

Matt: And so, long story short...

Joe: "BARK"
by Ehill November 17, 2010
The usually brown stuff on a tree, has many textures!
I like to look at the bark on the trees.
by anonomus March 30, 2004
The dark layer on the outside of smoked meat. Usually rich in flavor. Denotes some thing special and can be applied to other objects that take time and care to produce.
Look at the rich bark on that Mercedes, thats money!
by kelleerc July 17, 2010
Broke Ass Rich Kid: This is a young person, usually a college student or high school student, who despite constantly telling you about how wealthy and successful his/her parents are, never seems to have any money. They may or may not actually come from a wealthy family, but they usually do, and they often ask to borrow large sums of money right when you need to pay rent, they will promise that their parents will pay you back, but this will never happen.
My friend is always telling me how his father is a millionaire, but i always have to buy him lunch, he is such a B.A.R.K.
by DAG October 19, 2009
The enormous cough that follows a huge bong rip.
Dude, don't hit that thing so fucking hard, you'll bark.
by Joe Collins February 21, 2008

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