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cool but in an unobtrusive kind of way
dude that party was so begley, but i had to get home early anyways
by evelyn April 05, 2005
euphemism for mother fucker
person 1: man i wanna do yo mama
person 2: dont be such a mucha fruka, dude.
by Evelyn April 24, 2003
means evelyn kelly shut up
when evelyn is being annoying just say shu beeatch and she will...... sometimes
by evelyn November 24, 2004
To be used in the same context as you would use the term "duh" ..
Person 1: OMG! Did you know that the sky is blue?
Person 2: DAH CUNT!
by Evelyn January 06, 2005
A fine bad boy HEZ MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish there would be mo like him
by Evelyn September 02, 2003
means that you need or want something
ada drink, or ada food, or ada sleep
by evelyn November 24, 2004
When a person is dumb or also a loser sometimes can be used as a stupid white person that uses crack because they have nothing better to do!
Man i swear sometimes you can be such a crackerass.
by evelyn December 28, 2004
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