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A term used to describe someone who unexplainably disappears from all contact.
"Where's Adam? He's fallen off"
by ARMS August 24, 2006
v. used in the Deep South to describe someone who has lost weight by dieting.
My, how Sally has fallen off since she started going to Jenny Craig.
by Richard Black September 20, 2005
Used commonly in Bahamian speech to bemoan someone's actions or performance, especially if that person formerly performed that particular task well.
A guy is known for being able to "play" girls and have his way with them. However, there is one particular girl who he is unable to attract. His friends find out about this failure, and as a way of saying he lost his "playing" skills, they say:
"You Fallen Off bey,"
by G. Legacy January 31, 2008
When someone is making money and then they go broke.
James was a baller, but now he has fallen off.
by Cin2win January 25, 2008
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