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From the North West, meaning 'i understand', 'i know what you mean' etc
'yeah am onto it' 'onto' for short
by ARMS March 28, 2005
Simply meaning 'it all good', 'sound', originally from Liverpool.
'laffin lad' 'laffin kid' 'laffin mate' 'laffin'
by ARMS March 28, 2005
A term used to describe someone who unexplainably disappears from all contact.
"Where's Adam? He's fallen off"
by ARMS August 24, 2006
Something obvious that doesn't even need to be said.
'do you want some of this splif? blatently!'
by ARMS March 29, 2005
Meaning laffin, sound, peakin, or just any word that means something good ;)
'beast mate', 'arr thats a beast!' 'ar beast!'
by ARMS March 28, 2005
Something you think is REALLY good, but others usually don't agree.
'am peakin', 'peakin', 'Fahy's peakin he's been out with Mikey'
by ARMS March 29, 2005
Someone who isn't 'onto' it, doesn't understand something or things in general.
'wah ya soft cunt' 'what u upto ya soft cunt' 'SOFT CUNT!' 'urr ya soft cunt'
by ARMS March 29, 2005
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