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A colloquial term native to The Commonwealth of the Bahamas. It originally was meant as a replacement for 'Boy' but has since become capable of replaceing todays nigga and dog/dogg in normal conversation.

Other Spellings: Buey, Buy, Beuy
"Ma bey dem" "Lookhearrbey" "maaaannn-BEY"
by thinsoldier February 24, 2004
288 76
Kiwi/New Zealand Maori Slang for cuz, friend, mate, pal
"Gis us a bite your pie Bey?"
"Atta Bey get your own"
by The_Jackal August 16, 2006
69 45
A shortened name of endearment for the singer Beyonce. Mainly used by hardcore fans and gay men.
Girl: Watchu listening to, girl?
Gay Man: The homegirl Bey.
by MyNameIsNotOnHere February 28, 2013
32 19
A word used by aswill or a janner to replace the word friend or mate in a greeting, can be used to greet either males or females. Originated mainly from Plymouth and surrounding areas.
Alright Bey, hows it going you 'cont'! Wanna 'focking' go down jesters in me nova, bey! Please note:Additional words that have apostrophe's surrounding them e.g. 'Focking' may need additional explaining in other definitions such as swill or janner.
by Fockhead December 10, 2006
58 51
How the cool ppl say bye.
The letters typed in "bey" gets alternated between the hands; therefore, typing bey is faster they typing bye which you have to type two letters with your right hand consecutively
Nehalem: you know, all us cool dawgs say bey instead of bye
P41N: mhm, well, bey
Nehalem: bey
by Intel Winrahr Nehalem GMA N0OB August 05, 2010
40 43
Used around central scotland can mean friend, mate or can replace words like 'beast'.
Had a bey of a night last night!
by Absolute legend of a Bey! August 12, 2010
17 21
a term of endearment, like "babe" or "baby", only so much easier/cooler to say
"I love you too. Goodnight, bey."
by OnleReina January 30, 2006
40 44