a common term for stalking people on facebook. it is a combination of the two words "facebook" and "stalk"
John - "Hey! Have you falked anyone lately??"
Matt - "Yeah, I sure did. Just yesterday in fact."
by kb2008 February 03, 2010
Top Definition
to facebook stalk, or to continually check on someone's facebook homepage to gather information
I was falking Suzy the other day and she is now dating joe.
by Lukie12 May 06, 2008
Verb. A contraction or blending of the words 'talk' and 'fuck'.
To falk is to hold an erotic conversation, by telephone or IM, ideally leading to a long-distance orgasm by both parties.
falked, falking, falker.
He'd call, and we'd falk for hours.
I love the way you falk to me!
A master of words, his IMs would falk me into ecstacy.
by Sonni Hopkins November 21, 2006
a beast, normally one that swims. really fast
like a unicorn
sometimes the spawn of chuck norris
we aren't really sure what they are
"Hey did you see that thing??"

"Yeah, I think it was a Falk!"
by jackson12kk May 18, 2009
A Verb. A contraction, or a blending of the verbs 'to talk', and 'to f*ck'.
To falk is to hold conversation, via IM or by telephone, erotic by nature, that leads to a long-distance orgasm of both parties.
I can't wait to falk with you!
I love the way you Falk with/to me!
by sonni hopkins November 20, 2006
to facebook stalk.
I falk after the first date.
by cyniclions January 09, 2011
The act of stalking on Facebook
Facebook+stalk= Falk
Yo Colby falked that chick last night and said her pics made her look like a skank.
by BMcKenna October 18, 2010

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