pronounced 'faulk'

To stalk on Facebook. This may be done by viewing pictures or monitoring comments. News Feed has made falking more acceptable.
Sorry I was falking you, but I saw you were planning on going to the party tonight. Do you want a ride?
by DoubleDey August 15, 2010
The word used to describe Facebook Stalking
I met this girl on the T in Boston, when I got home I falked her, now we are friends on Facebook.

facebook stalker
facebook stalking
by The FSU Boston Trip 09 October 05, 2009
Facebook stalking or Falking - To stalk or check out someone's page on Facebook.
Guy 1: I heard you and Amber stopped talking.

Guy 2: Yeah. She's not aloud to hang out with me anymore.

Guy 1: Why?

Guy 2: Her mom falked me yesterday.

Guy 1: So now Ambers fair game?
by Maxkat March 12, 2014
To freestyle walk. Any creative use of surrounding objects to shred the proverbial gnar.
Dude, did you just falk that bush?
by Falkmeister August 14, 2008
an act of randomness in an instant messaging converstaion
apples, pennies, falk, clocks, horses, candy
by lisaaluvvsyouu January 28, 2008
means to incorrectly spell, or make an error
you falked that sentence, you falked right up
by Romack May 19, 2006
Falk you!
by 13 March 26, 2003

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