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normally an Italian girl, who has a great personality and is extremely gorgeous but does not want to admit it. usually very polite and has a beautiful face, loves football(soccer) and prefers to keep her options open. is very patient and can pretend to be interested by all the compliments love struck losers give her. the center of my universe :P
boy: damn that ones a looker over there
man: yeah you can go sleep with her if you want to get clarissa, i'll stay with my love giulia because shes so pure
#giulia #guilia #jiulia #hot #italian girl
by jeebus of banana boat July 10, 2008
the Hottest Girl in the World... she's the light of my life really i don't know what i'd do without bf for life...she blows my mindl lol
Giulia looks to sexy in her duna-duna pants
by Gen February 22, 2003
"Giulia" is the Italian version of the American "Julia". Giulias are usually kind, sweet, thoughtful and caring opposed to the name meaning rebellious and strong. Giulias also tend to be stubborn and stand up for their beliefs.
My friend is named Giulia! She is a great friend but very touchy about people misspelling her name.
#julia #nice #stubborn #thoughtful #italy
by 34356789 December 08, 2011
probably the most kind hearted person you'll ever meet. she is AMAZINGLY beautiful and everybody loves her. she can be stubborn sometimes but its ok because she always makes up for her trouble. not only is she a goddess but she gets good grades, gets along with everyone that she meets and faces all of her challenges with optimism. she is great at anything she trys and is very sublime. if you know anyone named Giulia, you are one lucky duck. Giulia's are so lovable!
Alessia: man, i wish i looked like Giulia. i'm so jealous.

person sitting next to alessia: me too alessia.... me too.
#giulia #optimism #lovable #beautiful #sublime
by awesome03 August 29, 2011
giulia typical gorgeus looking rich gal
Giulia: Hi guyz
Friend: Hey giulia your so good-lookin and rich i wish i was u
Giulia: It's ok (friend) you just go back to your box with your fucked up face
by kevin davies February 16, 2005
fuck her she beat me at tennis.
giulia: game.
me: shiiiiit
by sharpie December 24, 2004
an angel
that girl is like an angel
yeh she is called giulia
#swiss #beer #giulia #sis #little
by big bro 1993 ;) January 01, 2012
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