it's the west coast (pretty much SO CAL) way of saying that ur faaakiN hiiigh! You know ur faded if you can't feel anything! some ppl think this is when ur shitface can't get faded off beer (fuckkin idiots) when ur faded ur probably had the real shit-- the REAL ganja, stickyicky, reefer everything maaaan
stoner 1: man i can't feel shit!
stoner 2: whoa man ur high
stoner 1: naaah man i'm fuckin FADED!
stoner 2: huh? hey man ur high
by sweet sarah October 04, 2007
faded is when you take a downer pill... you take some pills and you get faded. end of story
faded is when everything is really comfortable, you get really lazy, and tired, and your floatin after you take a downer pill
by VThugZ March 17, 2006
What B Murph and some other people say that they do, IE, crunk in the CLUB
"Ahhh, dang son! You'z gettin' crunk wit da shawties tonight?"
by AWW SKEET SKEET March 10, 2005
being really fucked up
omg, where am i? dude? wtf?
by Shannon Fender July 20, 2004
faded is a term used wen playing football, when someone does a trick on you and its really emabarrasing. it can be used in other situations
'chaz says: 'oi u got faded ! ffAAAAAAAAAded! that trick was ridiculous!

by he puts the ledge in routledge October 05, 2006
piss drunk!
she was faded - couldn't stand up straight
by fader April 29, 2001
someone looking out for another
"Yo Will, thanks for da dime bag."
"No problem, man, you know I got you faded"
by Pill January 04, 2005

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