Unprecedented and innovative street wear clothing line influenced by drinking, smoking, good times, and dreaming high.
Dude, that Faded shirt is tight! Where'd you get it?

I got it at Faded Apparel. Faded isn't just being drunk, stoned, or some clothing line; it's a way of life!
by f_apparel July 10, 2008
faded to the point where you feel like dying / flying / frying / going to sleep . you can get like this off some bomb kush , chronic , e.t.c .. go to your local neighborhood drug dealer
fuck man i hope my mom doesnt see me because im so fuckin faded
by Tyler C bitch March 02, 2008
Tired as fuck!
After a long day at work...
Me: man I'm faded!
by niglovesu August 10, 2012
Used in any way, shape, or form to create a sentence.
Hey man that shit was soo faded.

Yo we just gotta fade to the top.

That was so faded bro.
by Natsu dragneel February 02, 2012
Fuck(ing) All Day Every Day
Hey, are you dtf?
Yeah i'm faded!
by Name's Anonymous October 10, 2011
Sky Highh ! ;D
Dickk, fuckin Adam was all faded last night, muhh fuckka aint even know our names no more! Haha
by Adam Daniels Garribay April 09, 2011
Inebriated, drunk. Has no relation to the consumption or effects of marijuana, except in the term "cross-faded," which describes the state of being under the influence of both alcohol and marijuana.
"When I mix this gatorade and this vodka, I will create fade-orade."

"You're too faded to drive; I don't want you to get a DUI."
by Seamus Shenanigans April 03, 2010
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