Faded means you so fucked up, when your real true friends come over you dont give a damn, when somebody else don't, uhh cuz you dont deal wit it, and you faded, you get up and jet they ass out.
dude you so damn faded you blew chizzunks on my couch you filthy whore.
by Schitzle Face May 02, 2006
to get drunk high, or just straight up fucked up. grosse pointe south high school is the only place it is used.
"what should we do this weekend, billy, my dear old mother is out of town"
"fuck dude, we gotta get straight up FADED"
"but mother says that i can only have one friend over at a time"
"MAN fuck that shit, ill whoop you pussy ass"
by WilliamT November 05, 2005
also meaning that your fame is gone.
He faded me because his shit is better.
by Tiffany November 02, 2002
When the fade stands tall as seen at
www.mensaa.com as if you were not aware
by Marc August 08, 2004
God damn, im hella faded. Nor Cal for life!
"How the fuck'd I end up here?"
when you get caught by an authority figure, when doing something wrong.
"Maan, Luis got faded by the laws."
by Lil C November 03, 2002
To be under the influence of any CNS depressent to the point where your nodding off(falling asleep while doing something like reading or watching TV). Usually used in slang for marajuana or opiates, sometimes alcohol or benzodiazepines.
Jason-Damn man, I popped pills and smoke pot until I got strait faded and nodded off while talking to andy in the middle of a sentence.
Tim-Ya, that oxy had me passing out in my lap for like 4 hours!
by Jay 081591 February 08, 2009

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