This is the term used when you are to high to care. Usally this occurs after smoking a blunt or taking one to many bong hits. Also refered to as "Fainted"
Elijah: "Anthony are you all right man?"
Anthony "I have no idea whats going on"
Elijah: "Dude you faded"
Anthony: "Na man I'm fainting"
Elijah: Huh?
by Melvin Pickles-Worth May 02, 2007
being gone from boos,whiskey,alcohol, you know
Main ashley came over last night horny as fuck, but i was faded. So I rolled over and passed the fuck out.
by J.B. Salyer July 27, 2007
The word faded is used to describe someone who is not sober. It does not matter what substance or method was used to alter the person's state of consciousness; if they are under the influence of anything, they are faded.
-I took a roll, I'm so faded now!
by stickkyy January 18, 2009
A term used to describe the effect of marijuana. Faded is when you are not quite high but not quite sober, just a tad bit chemically altered.
"d00d its 4-20 lets get baked!"
"no man, i have to go home tonight, i'll just get a little faded"
by krevin April 22, 2007
To be drunk or stoned
yo that kids mad faded.
by KoPe February 23, 2005
to be shot and killed, as per snoop dogg's doggystyle album
Snoop:"...and a nigga can't fade me"

"Y'all know i can't be faded"
by jimbotron3 November 11, 2006
variation of the word keyed.
Dude was faded.
by dannyfoskey February 07, 2003

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