Being stoned, or high,also means you're really drunk.
joe - "wow man,i had a lot of beer. Im really faded"
by yourmama123456789 September 03, 2009
when one is somewhat gone. can be a result of drinking, pot, or even hookah (this is more of a SoCal term)
dude, last night we hit up the hookah pretty good. i smoked most of the bowl and i was pretty faded
by stanleyinla October 28, 2007
Being Faded is a state of mind.Doesn't necessarily mean just getting drunk or stoned.Your faded when u reach the point you cant comprehend reality no matter what you on.
E.g My and my hommie got soo faded last night I couldnt hear the next morning.

E.g I got so faded that I passed out in the hallway
by Ynmusic October 14, 2011
getting drunk with friends, getting really wasted, getting so wasted you don't remember a thing
neeko how faded did u get last night
by sacz69 January 26, 2008
To be high or stoned. Often confused with being drunk and high but it's JUST stoned!
Joey: *hits bong* Kassie you faded yet?
Kassie: *big smile on her face* What chu think?
Both: Hell yea!
both laugh]
by Little Buddah Girl 420 June 09, 2007
This is the term used when you are to high to care. Usally this occurs after smoking a blunt or taking one to many bong hits. Also refered to as "Fainted"
Elijah: "Anthony are you all right man?"
Anthony "I have no idea whats going on"
Elijah: "Dude you faded"
Anthony: "Na man I'm fainting"
Elijah: Huh?
by Melvin Pickles-Worth May 02, 2007
being gone from boos,whiskey,alcohol, you know
Main ashley came over last night horny as fuck, but i was faded. So I rolled over and passed the fuck out.
by J.B. Salyer July 27, 2007
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