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A high school or college student that spends an exceptional amount of time posting and browsing on Facebook; usually spending more than a half-hour a day on Facebook.

I could tell a guy on my floor was a facebooker when he was wasting hours of his time a day posting on Facebook.
by Bayard Lewis June 25, 2006
origin: portmanteau of facebook and hooker. circa 2006
1. a person who friend-request strangers and use wallposts as a way to meet new people
2. a person who spends obscene amounts of time on facebook, waiting for a new message/wall post and replies to messages immediately hoping the recipient hasn't logged off yet
3. a person who frequently changes their facebook status so that they will appear on their friend's home screen
4. a person who will make pointless posts on their friends' walls to elicit more posts on their own walls in order to appear more popular
5. a person who feels depressed when he/she doesn't receive a facebook notification for an hour.
Steve- "This girl looks really popular. She gets wall posts every 10 minutes."
Joe- "No, she's just a facebooker. She has never met half of those people, and she is initiating every wall-to-wall conversation."
by RuoJie July 10, 2008
The person who uses Facebook.
A: Are you a Facebooker?
B: Yes I am.
A: How much time do you spend on Facebook daily?
B: Well, around three hours.
by Rajeeb2014 March 28, 2014
1. Anyone who uses

2. facebook+hooker Someone who uses facebook to find sex partners
1. Wow. Nik has really been using his computer a lot lately. He must have become a facebooker like the millions around the world.

2. Mike- "Jannette really needs help. She had sex with some random dude last night."
James- "Yeah, she's a facebooker."
by Maudlin La An May 04, 2010
one who is obsessed with being on facebook. spends so much time on facebook they know eveyone's status and their conversations with others.
michael webb always knows when I update my status on facebook. he is such a facebooker.
by captain dorsalfin May 13, 2009
Cool person who realizes MySpace sucks and just wants web presence to keep in touch with friends.
MySpace is ghey, so I'm a facebooker now.
by Scribbly1 July 18, 2008
1. Person or entity that is not necessarily a facebook stalker but absolutely a constant facebook user.

2. Person or entity that is, can, or could pontetially be a facebook obsessionist.
Due to his constant use of facebook, we would definitely refer to him as a facebooker.
by staggy11 November 17, 2011
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