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A super trendy celebutante who makes both tabloids and gossip columns. Paris Hilton is definitely a Jannette. Lindsay Lohan, not so much of a Jannette.
Q. Who's that blond chick with the 4 inch stilettos? I've seen her EVERYWHERE!

A. You don't know her? She's the latest Jannette.
by Soupertrendy September 29, 2011
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She is a 4 ft tall bundle of cuteness and energy, usually has brown fur, pointy teeth, and fuzzy ears. She is a creature with a very loud mating call and her prince will always answer her siren voice.
Girl 1: Hey look it's Jannette!
Girl 2: I want to be just like her

Boy 1: Hey look its my future wife I must answer her mating call.
by Meatso June 16, 2009
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Prettiest person you'll ever meet ,perfect body ,super nice ,and is always there for u when u need it and is a great person to tell ur secrets to but she can be crazy once you cross her or mess with her friends and family ,usually really popular most likely has curly hair and is short

A great girlfriend,very loyal and knows how to satisfy there partner
Yup Jannette is my best friend

I want a Jannette
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by Yagirljas March 14, 2017
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