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5 definitions by j-rocka1337

A website owned by the CIA used to spy on dumbasses who do all the work for "big brother". Appeals to brainwashed tools who are stupid enought to be concerned with fashion and trend and sports so getting them to fall for facebook and twitter and cellphones isn't that hard.
Sign up for facebook and let the US government know exactly what you're up to at all times! Remember to use your real name! And get used to all that farming! Once the Bilderbergs take over all you're going to have is dirt.
by j-rocka1337 July 10, 2010
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A chant that occurs in Columbus, Ohio between 2 individuals or 2 groups of people who are too stupid to get that not everyone they see gives a rat's ass about sports and can't spell the name of the four letter state they live in without help from other idiots. Proof that OSU students don't learn anything but how to get arrested, drink, fight, watch football and date rape each other. Anyone who yells "O-H" at you in Columbus is a complete waste of flesh and deserves to get their ass kicked.
O-h-i-o? It's a sad state of affairs when spelling the word Ohio is a group effort for homophobic jerks (who attend an institute for higher learning) that spend all their free time watching something as homoerotic as football.
by j-rocka1337 June 21, 2010
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A "woo-oow" is any obnoxious party attended by drunken, moronic suburban douche bags (jocks, frat twats, sorority whores etc.) who communicate with each other soley by screaming "woo" and "oow" back and forth like chimpanzees with down's syndrome. Called "woo-oow" as it rhymes with "luau" and "woo-oow" as all you hear if you live within a 5 block radius. Woo-oows usually occur late at night when normal human being are trying to sleep and typically result in 3 or 4 visits by the police. Either to break up a fight between 2 idiots trying to out "woo" each other for some stupid bar whore's attention or between a partygoer and a neighbor who's politely asked one of these dumb-asses to kindly shut the hell up.
Hey, man. Did you hear that one of those frat retards got stomped out by the police in front of that woo-oow last night? It's too bad the cop didn't shoot him. These kids go to college, don't they ever learn anything or do they just spend all their time drinking and wooing?
by j-rocka1337 June 21, 2010
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Space yetis (also "dayglo psychlos") are fat EBM fans who show up at Goth clubs dressed in fluorescent vinyl, yarn hair, goggles and Transmuters weighing over 250 lbs. One of the many unfortunate side effects of sellout Goth club DJs no longer playing Gothic music, opting instead to ear-rape club patrons with Industrial, metal and EBM music. They look like someone attacked a Psychlo from Battlefield Earth with 20 gallons of glow in the dark paint and mohair. Their giant boot treads and tardtastic clothing/yarn hair make them look like sasquatches from outer space. Hence the name "space yetis".
I use to go out to Goth clubs. But no self-respecting Goth has been to a club since 1999. Now all you find there are metalhead-wannabe-goths, fang-tards, rivetheads and space yetis dancing to music that sounds like a malfunctioning alarm clock.
by j-rocka1337 June 25, 2010
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Just as "e-mail" means electronic mail, e-rony means "electronic irony". E-rony occurs when a website changes something that originally attracted people to said website in order to be more like a perceived internet rival with considerably fewer users or supporters, thus losing it's users to it's rival and ensuring the rival's success. One example would be google abandoning it's formerly uncluttered, user friendly design to become more like bing. Adding a fade-in, an "everything" sidebar and background images and ignoring user complaints. Thus encouraging it's users to stop using google and seek out an new search engine. Another example would be myspace going to it's "2.0" version and not allowing users to switch back to a true "1.0" format (the 2005 version). Done to compete with the then less popular twitter and facebook. Prompting users to kill their accounts and migrate to twitter and facebook.
Yeah, have you seen the changes google made to it's home page today to compete with bing? Oh, the e-rony.
by j-rocka1337 June 21, 2010
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