The heterosexual spelling of the name Eric. An extremely good looking, tall, Scandinavian man. Often has amazing athletic abilities desired by all others around him. Capable of getting any girl he wants, he is not like most other guys, he is very caring, understanding, and sweet to those he likes, but is the worst person to have as an enemy. Often coming off as shy upon first meeting him, he opens up and is one of the funniest people you know. He is perfect boyfriend material.
Girl 1 - "OMG! Look at that HOTTIE! What's his name?!"

Girl 2 - "I think its Erik"

Girl 1 - "That explains it! I want him soooooo bad"
by iliketoeatpoop December 31, 2009
A fucking douche that has a chode. Girls hate him and he loves little boys. Eriks need a life. He spends all of his day looking at gay porn, and he is very fat.
Yeah, hes such an Erik
by bicuriosgirl December 05, 2010
A guy who you will become friends with and fall inlove with but he will never figure it out so he ends up breaking your heart.
Friend; What happened to your friend Erik?
You: Who?
by lollozdf March 06, 2013
Someone who likes to wear tight red speedos.
I feel like doing an Erik today
by jadealice September 24, 2010
A guy that swoops in on girls that his friends have already called dibs on.
He's Erik.
by ilovedagirlparts April 28, 2011

To pull an erik is also another word for dumping a turd in your pants.

Usually happends in school, work or in other activities.
Schoolboy: FUCK! I just shat myself.

Friend: What the, did you just pull an erik?

Friend2: He sure did pull an erik mate, he sure did.

by TeoTio November 24, 2007
Fucking asshole. player, says he will care for you but never really does. watch out.
Erik Says I love you but he doesn't
by nikki7890 August 07, 2012

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