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That one guy you'll always have a thing for. Girls who like him never stop, maybe it's his freaking good looks. He has eyes that you could find yourself lost staring into. He's the party guy, and always lightens the mood. Often friends with an Eric. He is usually tall, and plays lots of sports, including basketball because of his height. He has so many girls in love with him, but he never notices. He's a strait up player though. His body is like an Abercrombie model. When he finally does settle down, it always seems to be with an Emily... those lucky bitches!
Girl one: "So who do you like?"

Girl two: "Hmm Erik..."

Girl one: "Still?!"

Girl two: " Idk, there's just something about him, I can't get over him!"
by idatedoneiknow December 12, 2011
A hot, confident, cocky, boy. Very immature. He's the type of guy that would break up with a girl over a text. Yeahhhhh, not a guy looking for a long relationship. He never gets his heart broken, always the one to break hearts. He's extremely attractive and athletic.. But likes to lie and cheat. He's the kind of guy that would be good for a one night stand, but not to marry. Great kisser.
Girl one: "Who's that sexy beast?!"

Girl two: "Oh that's Adam... I've heard he's not a good boyfriend.. But he is sure hot!"
by idatedoneiknow December 12, 2011
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