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The actual name of the Phantom, a character in Gaston Leroux's novel The Phantom of the Opera, and from the musical and movies of the same name.
Poser phangirl: The Phantom is soooo totally kewl!
Real phangirl: His name is 'Erik,' you doof. And he is going to Punjab you for that...
by Ponine January 16, 2007
Pussy pounding machine! ;)
damm he hit that so hard it was like an Erik!
by fuckkkkkkkkkk June 18, 2010
1. The heterosexual version of the name "Eric," especially popular among Americans of Scandinavian descent.
2. A man who is blond but has brown pubes.
3. A man whose erection curves upward onto his body, instead of pointing out.
Erik has big furry blond balls. That proves he's Swedish.
by erikalmquist1890 August 20, 2009
the hottest emo guy i know
"hey you know erik?" ooooooo ya i want to him soooooo hard
by Victoria (aka) Tori March 25, 2006