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a freaky, weird, teenage boy with an oddly-shaped head and does drugs who's secretly gay and is so desperate for a girlfriend he stalks anyone he talks to and sends creepy messages to every girl on facebook and he blows kisses to their buses. Generally good at Guitar Hero
Charles is such an Erik!
by 316CO143 April 13, 2011
Poor excuse for a human being. Cant work because he is too lazy and likes to date trolls. He is now in love and soon will probably mate and create a lil ugly orc baby. Lives under a bridge and gets it from behind quite often.
If your like Erik, go jump off a cliff your better off dead.
by dididothat May 05, 2010
Aka Ewok, the Hoorah master...
Listener, Counselor, Master philosopher
Attentive but brash at times
I want my son to be an Erik when he grows up
Eriks are so unique and great listeners
My counselor is such an Erik
by Laughing Lady May 29, 2012
To pull an Erik is to have sex with a grotesque midget in the shower.
"He Phil youll never guess what happened to me last night! I totally got Erik'd at my place."

"howd you pull that off"

"Circus in town"
by Big Daddy C October 14, 2006
To be Elite, or an Elistist.
That is so Erik it is beyond description.
by EVP February 07, 2006
The sweetest guy you'll ever meet! He will treat you like a princess! And he is amazing in every way! He will always offer things even if you tell him not to. He makes an amazing boyfriend and any girl is lucky to have him. You will never want to lose him because you'll fall so deeply in love that you will never want to part ways! He is hot, sexy, cute, sweet, loyal, honest, awesome, STRONG, funny, and has a great personality! Everyone and anyone will fall for him! He is definately the one i want to spend the rest of my life with and i can't wait for us to live happily ever after :)
I love you Erik
Omg Erik is like so totally awesome!
by Dynamite Gal March 17, 2013
A Hott, Strong, Sensative man. Who all the girls fall for.
Girl 1- Wow have you seen Erik he is completely Hott.

Girl 2- I Know I'd like me a peice of him.
by JessAnn92 January 23, 2009