the name of a big waste of time who will become your best friend and you will probably fall in love with their witty charm and their amazing body, but will end up crushing you into oblivion if you make one mistake. Also have no feelings and will not forgive someone they said they truly loved.
"Sweetheart, why are you crying?"

"It was that erik!"
by 12426278pem April 25, 2010
He is a nerd who loves star wars .He is the most good looking guy in the class , blonde hair , beautiful blue eyes that if u out stare to long you will get lost in what you are doing . Every girl wants him but he know that he can only chose 1. His life is complicated because he has a lot of girls in line for him and he only wants one girl .After all , you will fall in love with him but just wish that he doesn't end up hurtin you.
To pull an Erik is to have sex with a grotesque midget in the shower.
"He Phil youll never guess what happened to me last night! I totally got Erik'd at my place."

"howd you pull that off"

"Circus in town"
by Big Daddy C October 14, 2006
A boy that is afraid of getting hurt,so he bothers people. Erik sometimes have an grandpa tapeline
Here comes Erik, bet he gone say something about my hair.
by Tay_love December 14, 2015
A beautiful man with a tragic past and a twisted mind. Lover of theater and singer of insurmountable skill. Tells great jokes and is a good kisser. Wears large jackets and prefers brunettes.
"Wow, Erik is a really different guy."
by Phantomlover47 July 16, 2015
A tall, dorky person that steals peoples girlfriends. Can also be referred to as an Erprick.
Guy 1: Is she still going out with that kid?
Guy 2: Yea...
Guy 1: Wow thats stupid!
Guy 2: Yea... Who would go out with an Erik?
by Confed22 July 10, 2008
Erik's are usually creeps. They hit on girls constantly and are constantly turned down. They have a ridiculously hard time being on time for anything. Extermely lazy, loves to play videogames. Usually has a very weird sense of hair style. Only has long distance relationships.
Guy: holy shit you see Erik's hair??
Other Guy: He's got a yellow mohawk!
by jjohnmastif February 04, 2010
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