He is my everything. My one and only. My explanation as to why I live this life. He is the only person in this world that I truly and deeply love. He's the last piece to my puzzle. I trust him like no other. i LOVE him like no other. i'd rather have one minute with him than a lifetime without him. He is beyond perfect. He's WAY beyond it. His ability to make me laugh is incredible, and to most people, making me laugh is near impossible. I love how his selflessness. I love the way we talk. I love all of our memories. I love that memory of us staying up till the morning and then falling asleep suuuuper late. I love everything there is to love about us. And most of all, I love him. I love him more than anything..never will it be otherwise.
by PreUsed February 06, 2010
The heterosexual way of spelling the name Eric.

The name implies many meanings:

-awesome beyond comparison (adj.)

-stunningly handsome and suave (adj.)

-able to attract large numbers of women without using any effort (verb)

-able to do all things exceedingly well (verb)
Wow! That pass was freaking erik!

Woman 1: Did you see that really erik guy?

Woman 2: Yeah, I'd totally hook up with him!
Wow! That pass was freaking erik!

Woman 1: Did you see that really erik guy?

Woman 2: Yeah, I'd totally hook up with him!
by Cartdude November 11, 2009
Erik; noun: defined as a logic genius who excels in everything, sweet and caring but to only to one specific person (see the definition of Jade). Also defined as 'Chizzy Bear.'
Man, that Erik dude just makes all these complicated stuff sound like riding a bike.
by Caffeindish August 09, 2009
Commonly used as a replacement phrase for "taking a dump". It's most frequently used where the original term is frowned upon, such as in a business meeting or at an upper class dinner.
"I need to do an Erik before I head to work."
"Why does Erik always pull an Erik right before lunch?"
by ravon October 23, 2007
A jawn who has a jew-fro, and stabbed himself with a butter knife by tripping over his dog, then decides to hook up with a girl that he met in the hospital that OD on herion, and HE LOVES TO PUT BIG DIPPS IN
did you see that erik put that huge dip in??

that erik tripped over a dog and nearly died!!! lol
by jawnmaster January 26, 2011
A bad ass mofo who is the iron chef of pounding vag.

All the woman want him! He has 11 1/2 inches.

Bad ass drinker who will kill your bitch ass if u fuck with him. His friends are bad ass to which is bad ass, bad ass.
Erik is bad ass i wanna be him!
by Jon the "T-man" Jamison June 16, 2011
The REAL name of the Opera Ghost, although he is known as the Phantom of the Opera to the people of his opera house. Said person is sadistic, reclusive, and a psychotic genius that likes to live in the dark, damp cellars of the opera house. He is a master of music, architecture, and numerous other things, including using a punjab lasso. He is hideously deformed (Either on half of his face or his whole body, in a corpse-like matter, if you're talking about the original.), but is also extremely sexy. Even his corpse-looking version is still able to seduce Christine.

He is well known for dropping notes and stealing away young (preferable Swedish) sopranos. Also, he laughs maniacally.

Keep your hand at the level of your eyes!



Synonyms: Trap Door Lover, The Angel of Music, The Angel of Death.

Antonyms: Raoul
by Cocokat January 18, 2009

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