Short for Emulator, a piece of software that can play Roms which are illegally copied games.
Hey, did you get that new Super Nintendo emu?
by Draconiator23 March 27, 2004
1. The coolest bird ever.

2. A mispronunciation of the emo subculture.
1. Look at that emu run!

2. Cry, little emu boy.
by Masochistic Clown May 16, 2009
Somebody who is over/ extremely emo all the damn time. Yes, emus are giant birds from aussieland, but they are also extremely beyond emo people.
guy1: my life sucks lately, I cut myself in every direction, and cry in the corner, nothing ever goes how I want.

guy2: Cheer up emu kid.
by K-ChanDMG September 07, 2009
Colloquial term used to define emo kids or any half goth half skater youngster talking about pain/suffering/pointlessness of existence etc. The definition also refers to the extra tight black/blue jeans worn by these emu's which are similar to the legs of an emu. The term emu is usually utilized by the elderly trying to complain about some new trend or another hanging in the bus stop with 2 liters of frosty jacks/white lightning cider
"Mavis look at those gosh darned hoodlums getting drunk in the bus station again, i hate these little emu kids. where are the parents these days ... smoking crack with lines of ket. oh dear oh dear ... when i was a boy never did see the like of these emu's" .. etc etc.
by Stejay/Tajwoo March 10, 2007
1. mocking the word emo by changing the "O" to a "U" for a sound of disgust; such as "ugh"

2. a type of large bird
I hate those emu kids, they're so hormonaly insane.
by soferpup October 10, 2005
The best creature in existence, also Emu Daemon, a creature of ungodly power.
"Jonathan, no more summoning Emu Deamons in class."
by EmuWarrior October 14, 2003
an emo person who doesn't cut themselves
Person 1: "God, you're so emo!!"
Person 2: "No I'm not. I don't cut myself."
Person 1: "I guess that makes you emu, right?"
Person 2: *sigh* "no one understands. I hate the world."
by emu_is_like_a_llama February 08, 2008
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