Alternative word for and Emo.
Created by a great master and wise advisor, emu was originally used to describe a long-necked person that was obviously emo.
The best thing about the term is that emo's won't know you're making fun of them when you call them an Emu.
These emu's better git outta my way or I'll rip the sweater-vests right off their backs!
by CrimsonClaw November 25, 2005
a bird that is used in the manufacure of slippers.

emu is a lame name given to people who were previously named emapoo by someone who usually goes by the name of julia.

they have really big eggs and can peck your eyes out.

the people whom are named emu can usually peck your eyes out too.
hey, is that made out of emu?

whoah those are some big emu eggs.

bob: a bird?
fred: no, the blonde in the corner!

hey emu, can you buy me another $80 worth of cookies? and while youre up there ill just sit down right here and drink your water bottle and use all of your chapstick.
by Emachu December 14, 2004
1. To be extremely irritating and try to pretend to be a moderator on a forum and to hump people for no reason. (Sanji/Orlando)

2. Being a forum whore, correcting all posts based on the forum rules. (Wikipedia, anonymous)

See also, Emufarmers Sangly: The fourm whore. Has a "Q3 Fourm Implant". Doesn't actually play the game. (Wikipedia, anonymous)
Don't be an Emu.

Stop being an emu.
by Emufarmers Sangly November 20, 2005
a. Sarcastic or exasperated state provoked by the expression of emo sentiments.

b. Mock-emo.
a. Stop it with the masturbating and crying--you're making me all emu.

b. Life just hasn't been worth living since Dashboard Confessional called me pathetic.
by bone February 07, 2004
1. A person who thought an emo kid was emu.

2. Someone who has an obsessive need for cranberry juice.

3. Someone who thinks their emo becasue they cut themselves with a black felt marker and listen to Britney Spears and Ricky Martin.

4. Someone who says "Sury chury but i have to go to weding to read a new stury."
"Wow emu go drink some cranberry juice"

'Sury chury but i have to go to weding to read a new stury."
by Will i am October 09, 2006
cool. Orinated when Australian's discovered that the 80's Australian slang for cool grouse is an American bird, and the American representatives in the discussion suggested Emu as a suitable slang word for the smae meaning. Now popularized mainly in country New South Wales some areas of America
dude, that's so emu, its the greatest!
by Lebosi July 02, 2006
A large flightless bird

For all you Americans it's also produced e-mm-you and not e-moo, stupid Americans
It's EMU not emoo, you guys need to learn to speak
by Kieren and Grae July 08, 2006
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