A word midwestern moms often turn to when they can't figure out what "emo" means.
"Honey, look! An emu farm! Then maybe we'll see some of those 'emu tears' you always talk about."
#emo #moms #midwest #tears #cry
by russian_girlovich October 16, 2006
The God damn scariest bird on planet Earth. Scaried the hell out of me when I went on a field trip to the zoo in the 2nd grade.
Random Kid: d00d luk at teh emu!!!1!11one!!!1forty-two!!
Me: Holy Shit! Get me otta here!
#scary #ugly #gross #bird #britney spears
by Lady Indago February 16, 2008
half of a comedy pair from the 70's, Rod Hull and Emu. Emu was actually a very large hand puppet; Rod's hand was the emu's head, and his "arm" was a fake, so it looked like he was carrying the large bird. Their routine was not too funny at first, until the emu began to respond to the bad jokes and puns Rod was saying. The emu would make strange faces, stick out his tongue, and mimic his handler, leading Rod to believe he was actually funny. Usually the act ended when the emu attacked Rod. This explanation will make no sense to people who haven't seen it (you young people) but those who came of age in the 70's and 80's Rod Hull and Emu rank with Monty Python and the original cast of Saturday Night Live.
I can't remember which shows they appeared on, but Rod Hull and Emu did all kinds of variety, skit comedy, and kids shows in the 70's.
#comedy #monty python #snl #kids shows #humor-what a concept
by earpuller October 16, 2005
the name given to the act performed on a man's penis when it is soft, usually due to the intake of too much alcohol or narcotics resulting in a 'floppy willy' and the act carried out consists of the finger tips being placed together around the penis and moved up and down similar to the movement/appearance of an emu bird's head, neck & beak!!!
I emu'd all night...
#soft #floppy #penis #flacid #willy #inactive
by floppy dick November 06, 2013
eye miss you sweetheart

*please note: not to be confused with the largest bird native to Australia. their cute but have zero relation to the term above. :)
guy 1: heyyyy... haven't seen you since the genie went back into its bottle!
girl 2: oh gosh... i know right... !! *sad face* EMUS
guy 1: what? EMUS? no thanks i prefer ostriches
girl 1: Ostriches? huh? no no... i mean eye miss you sweetheart
guy 2: ohhhh... never mind the ostriches!!!!... i hugs you:)
#emus #eye #miss #you #sweetheart #genie
by doonabun June 25, 2010
A Character who often confirms they will either attend an event and then mysteriously becomes unavailable on phone, e-mail or even in person as the event date comes closer. Everything becomes eerily quiet. Once the event is over they will slowly and gradually reappear before disappearing again in time for the next event they have confirmed attendance at.
My mate Bill has gone and emu'ed again, i have no idea where he is.
#emu #disappears #unavailable #quiet #bill
by A Miller May 06, 2008
slang for emulation and emulators, playing games or using other software and hardware that it ddnt originally run on, eg console games on pc
1.I just downloaded a gameboy emu

2. man i want to emu this game but it wont run on fusion
#gameing #emulation #emulater #computing #gameboy
by desposy April 13, 2008
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