the way in which one walks with straight legs when under the influence of alcohol and XTC, usually at a rave or festival
i think jimmy flipped out, he's doin' the emu... somebody get him a lolly-pop
by emu March 20, 2005
1. a misspelling of EMO (self explanatory)

2. A misspelling of IMU, a hawaiian oven that you dig in your backyard and stick a pig in.
1. "Wow, those EMOs are fast"

2. "Eh Kimo, Who wen stuck da BABY in da IMU???"

fine then!!! EMU! (geshundheit)
#geshundheit #emu #imu #ostrich #simno and garfukle
by gwWaaarr!!!! March 30, 2006
a large bird that lays large eggs.
and no, we americans don't pronounce emu emyoo,why don't you learn something about america before you say something
#emo #milk #eggs #egg #gee
by letusbeus December 21, 2006
a Kevinism. n. an emo
Dude that guys a fuckin emu.
by Jeff November 09, 2004
a large bird with a long neck. the word emu is also a one syllabel word
predator approaches,emu places head is put into ground and pretends to be invisible
#idiotic #drunken #foolish #illiterate #not to be taken seriously
by illiterate rockstar April 27, 2006
Made By the company UGG (the boots) a cheaper version of uggs that are still hot and trendy! uggs look so damn sexy with a mini skirt! MMHmmmHH!!
What are those? Why there Emu's! they are made by Ugg but just called Emu..like totally you rock!
by mike patterson September 04, 2005
a drug dealer with an extremeley huge ass and cant find pants to fit his/her huge ass

a fugly biatch who does drugs
damn those emus.

mr.ferguson is a really fat emu.
by IrockLikeAship (mel) October 14, 2004
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