a male teenager who pretends to live the "Emo" lifestyle for the sole reason of meeting Emo girls.
Tim donned his Emu persona by wearing black and pretending to be sensitive, just to get the cute emo girl to go out with him.
by Ann_Hedonia October 06, 2008
what my mom says when she means to say "emo"
Mom: Oh look sweetie is that an emu there?? look at his hair!
Me: No mom, i think you mean an emo
Mom: oh *giggles* ok
by meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee October 24, 2006
n. A large, flightless bird related to the ostrich.
Hey Kagon! It's an emu!
by EE-moo June 17, 2003
THE MOST KICKASS ANIMAL I HAVE EVER heard of they are the coolest thing ever!!!!
wow emus are the most kickass animals invented!!!!!!!
by EMUBOY August 17, 2005
Australian slang used to describe a person who walks around racecourses picking up discarded tickets. Their actions mimic those of the flightless bird, the Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae).
That fucking emu picked up my ticket before it hot the ground!
by Googles January 14, 2005
Eat Me Up
Aye girl you gone EMU?
by WestDallas May 05, 2014
A kick ass college in Ypsilanti Michigan. EMU stands for Eastern Michigan University

Everyone says EMU is a bird or a emo spelled wrong but in reality it is a great school with a lot of great programs.

the one down side is that the campus is built on the side of a hill so you feel even if you walk uphill to get to a building, when you leave the way you came in you are STILL going uphill.

Also, EMU is the home of ECA or early college alliance, a program that lets kids as young as 14 start their college career early. the program can get you up to 60 free credits of college that "double dip" and count as highschool and college credits, thats 2 free years of college kids. I'm in ECA and am one of the more mature kids there because I act my age and not like a gimp-ass highschooler that wont ever shut the fuck up, and I'm almost 17 years old.

overall EMU is a great school for anything and UofM and ace deuce (ann arbor) is right down the road from EMU so you can go there and party down instead of getting the HIV in ypsi.
1: yo broham lets go to EMU
2: go to a bird??
1: no dumbass Eastern Michign university. the school?
2: Ohhhh alright dude lets gooooo
by Mr.Man444 November 09, 2010

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