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something that can be trusted to email as the fastest and the least formal means of communication.
Is this application emailable or do I have to use a snail mail?

"Emailable" is an antonym of "confidential." Never trust your secrets to email.

It's a rough unchecked draft, not for print, but quite emailable.
by Mike Epstein October 08, 2003
15 2
Available for emailing.
Liz, I'll be in meetings in the AM, but emailable in the afternoon.
by Splikkit April 24, 2003
8 6
A text message, pictures, music or blackmail that can be sent to people via e-mail.
This message is so emailable!
by Danielle October 08, 2003
9 9
Away from home, On vacation
I'm emailable next week.
by Delusional October 08, 2003
2 9
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
7 17