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A product that started out as a feature of a once successful product whose market potential is exhausted, often a TV show or movie.
"Frasier" is a spinoff of "Cheers".

by Delusional October 08, 2003
Almost a virgin.
She's not cherry, but she's low milage.
by Delusional October 08, 2003
A person lacking in testoserone. A "new" man, a liberal. An effeminate man.
Pilates? That's a gym for salad eaters.
by Delusional October 14, 2003
Away from home, On vacation
I'm emailable next week.
by Delusional October 08, 2003
A strap-on for a female computer. Mispronunciation of hardon.
I got an add-on in PC world.
by Delusional October 08, 2003
A slang term for fecal matter first originating on the internet and spreading the common world by storm. (ie. shit)
"I have to go birth a feeker, be right back!"
"Ah crap! I stepped in a feeker"
by Delusional October 04, 2003
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