A word most people in Canada consider believe to be a private as their home telephone number. most people take e-mail too seriously, even to just say hello, they get real paranoid of over message from (their) best friends.
person 1) Hey, you are my best friend, can I write you sometime?
person 2) no you can not.
person 1) how come? because i am too busy and i don't want you to write me and my e-mail is also private.
person 1) okay. we never talk on the phone either, do we?
person 2) nope. i just explained to you why that is. the same thing about e-mail as goes the telephone
person 1) i thought we were friends. although i would never call you up anyway.
person 2) sorry.
pesron 1) yeah, i'm sorry too (that you are lame and really paranoid). it's just e-mail. who the fuck cares!
person 1) i do. i am paranoid, just like you said.
pesron 2) damn straight. guess we are not friends anymore if we can't write each other.
person 1) yup. you are right. now get out of my face.
person 2) wow you a real jerk.
pesron 1) go away. my e-mail is none of your business. don't write me!!! e-mail is used for xxx porn only. i don't want e-mails from my friends or even you!
by s_N_double_O_P June 06, 2005
Top Definition
Once an efficient and fast method of communication and message transferring, now a way of harassing Internet users with spam, credit card/insurance offers, porn links, and "Increase Your Penis Size By 5 Inches" advertizements.
Despite using a junk email filtering program, it is still a chore to delete 30+ messages a day.
by AYB November 06, 2003
Proof that a million monkeys typing randomly at keyboards would NOT produce a Shakespeare play
by Commendatore August 12, 2003
a fast and easy way to notify you that your penis is too small
Man, I'm glad that email came, or I wouldn't have gotten that date!
by Alex January 18, 2004
a system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that is generated at the recipient's terminal when he logs in
"Would you e-mail me a copy of that spreadsheet you made up the other day?"
"How about I email my dick to your mouth instead?"
by blink April 27, 2003
Email is another way of communicating in the Internet. It stands for electronic mail, and that's correct, it's like mail, but in the computer! Sometimes you get spam, in forums you get updates from them. You can write messages to each other in email.

Email is kinda like forums, except there is nobody to use the ban hammer on you or your friend, but you have to wait and there's nobody stopping you from posting porn, sending viruses, and posting spam.
Email is usually the best way of contacting somebody, since you do not pay to send an email or get an email, except for electricity bills.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
A common tool used by Nigerians to acquire the bank account numbers of gullible Americans and Europeans.
The Crown Prince of Nigeria wants to pay me millions of dollars to help free his people. He even sent me an email about it so it must be true!
by A Nigerian Prince March 19, 2013
a virtual letter that could be used as a virus.
Always scan your e-mails for viruses.
by that guy August 04, 2003
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