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to mainframe something; to with or without your own knowledge kill vital parts off your system
fuck i just mainframed my box trying to run startx via ssh
by adamus1red January 22, 2011
What stupid people think computers are made of.
Wow, you build computers? You mean you build the mainframe and everything?

My computer doesn't work, I think there's something wrong with the mainframe.
by bomber991 April 19, 2007
Mainframe is IBM's registered trademark for their operating systems involving the origin of virtually everything on a normal PC. You name it, it was used for mainframe. They are bulky, huge, everything is mammoth size for mainframes. The movies depict truth in this respect only (about size, for eg Charlie's Angels features a really big mainframe with high security). But mainframes although involved in number crunching like monsters, they dont have sportive GUI like windows as they show in movies
Mainframes really rock...hmmmmmmmmm
by Mr.T June 03, 2004
uber-technical term used by shyster versign when describing docking stations.
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
by av February 28, 2005
Uber 1337 Machinist faction in MxO
Wow, the Mainframe kicked my ass.
by Post January 08, 2005
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