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The Crown are a metal group who were originally formed back in 1990 as a primitive garage act, in 1992 that they made their first public appearance on a local compilation CD. In 1993 the band records the now infamous "FOREVER HEAVEN GONE" demo with its´ dark & brutal sound. It made some underground attention and got the band to play at the Hultsfred-festival alongside major acts like THE RAMONES and ENTOMBED. Shortly after that appearance original guitarist Robert Österberg left the band and got replaced by Marcus Sunesson, just before the recording of the second Demo "FORGET THE LIGHT":

Now the band had grown into better songwriters and musicians and the result was a very brutal, intense and evil Death Metal.

Unfortunately on the 7th of March 2004, The Crown split up due to many reasons... But their bad ass Metal and their mind bending riffs will live on forever.
I Won't Follow!

RIP The Crown.
by Wounded December 12, 2004
the crown is an invisible title received after a member is the first to receive a blumpkin. The blumpkin must be from a girl.
WOAHHHH seths got the crown, julia gave him a blumpkin!
by Snerf July 02, 2010

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