Teenager or adult with a perky attitude. Often speaks in a high pitched babyish voice. Often refers to him/herself in the third person. Colors everything in the lines with crayons, never uses black for clothing, nails, hair or decor.

1. Safety. Never touches razor blades, a steak knife or firearms. Buckles up. Always looks both ways, bus and bicycle safety expert.

2. Happiness. Answers promptly when spoken to. Generally gives a cheery response. May treat pets, plants, inanimate objects or strangers as special friends.

3. His/Her Own World. Unconcerned with the rainforest, Darfur, Dalai Lama, mental anguish, disappearing icecaps or the financial crisis. Offers gently teasing words to friends in difficulty (such as Mr. Noodle).

Note: someone familiar with the original sesame street lineup may call this person "spawn of satan".
He is so elmo when he sings to his goldfish.

Spoken by an elmo: "**mo is curious to see which of **mo's friends will be on American Idol tonight! We're all winners!"

We lost our life savings when insert big bank name here imploded, and you're all elmo about it.

How can you listen to that elmo music? There's no screaming at all and I can make out the words.

Don't be elmo, we're playing Russian roulette instead of Candyland for a change.
by ratherbedigging May 21, 2009
Top Definition
Red Grover. Laughs when tickled unless batteries are dead.
by LN July 19, 2003
See: Elmo Music

The highly gifted, and tragically afflicted, red haired person that we all have grown to love.
Elmo is a member of the NRA.
by Not Zane July 22, 2004
A badass, smoked out, locced out muppet from the SS, AKA Sesame Street. His reputation puts infamous characters like Suge Knight, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush, Hitler (Well you get the point) to shame.

Has his own segment on sesame street, it's called "Elmo's world". Just to show some perspective into his evil mind. Doesn't that give you a hint that he wants to own the whole world? (please don't tell him I said that... PLEASE!)

Unless you live there, I just wouldn't even go down Sesame Street at all. If that's your usual route to wherever it is you go, a piece of advice: take a detour. An extra 5 minutes of being lost is worth your life.

Some sources say that he is affiliated with the likes of Big bird AKA "papa peck", Baby bear AKA "Big Biz", Alvin and the chipmunks, cookie monster and Kermit the Frog. That would be true. The same source also claims he is connected with Bert and Ernie but that's some bull. He doesn't fuck with those two faggots.

You'll usually see him around the big plaza of Sesame Street. If he's by himself, don't even talk to him. But if he's with his girlfriend Zoe, he'll be a little more patient with your biz.

He is rumored to be Elmo by day (A badass), and grover by night (A superhero). I can neither confirm nor deny that information.

One last time so you understand: He is cute, but EXTREMELY dangerous. If you see this individual, please call 1-800-ELMO-DIE. Remember you CAN remain anonymous.
While there isn't enough proof, it is said that elmo stole the lyrics of all your favorite artists and gave them to Alvin and the chipmunks, who then cashed the lyrics and songs as their own and became rising stars on YouTube, practically overnight.

Elmo- great businessman, but the truth, do not mess with him.
by Raw Doggy April 05, 2010
a character from sesame street, he has his own world where he sings and dances and finds things out with his goldfish. many toys of him in toy stores. talks like a girl, and is seemingly very cute and cuddley.
Elmo rocks my socks with his elmoness.
by ggggggggggggggggggggggggggraz December 08, 2005
A red fuzzy creature that loves to touch and be touched by children of all ages
Wow look at elmo...is he touching that kid again
by quack cluck cluck June 06, 2006
a fuzzy red adorable monster all kids under 7 want to be when they get older
i love seasame street
by Mary April 07, 2005
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