if big bird and elmo had babies the would be ugly and who would thing of think of that
well i guss i would :(
by TYLER October 29, 2003
Elmo is a red,furry character from TV.He's really adorable.But he's kind of insane,because he talks to fishes,like Dorothy,the goldfish.So...KIDS BEWARE.
Elmo knows where you live.
by TeletubbiesHola January 02, 2011
The route of all evil. Comes off sweet, cuddly, and lovable, but give him the opportunity and he will eat your babies and molest you in your sleep.
kid 1: My sister got real quiet after we got my baby brother that elmo doll...
kid 2: Dude... where IS your baby brother?
by Tiger911 January 26, 2009
The New Definition of sayin someone is a biter ; Someone who bites or steals peoples dance moves
"Bitch thats a-mo's move... You an Elmo!!"
by James Ericson December 28, 2007
when a man puts his elbow in a woman's vagina till she moans.
Yea he gave me that Elmo last night!
by DoperthanDope December 13, 2009
a) amusing red monster of seseme street with an alarmingly high pitched voice and big yellow nose

b) a total legend. Hyperactive brandon loving mad women who I couldn't live without

c) a hippie from the late 16th century
a) Wow, It's Elmo, I love this show

b) Wow, It's Elmo, I must go jump on her and dance like a crab

c) Peace, Elmo
by Old Carpet Hair October 28, 2009
A evil red monster that will rule the world and kill us all in a massive war. For now he carries a gun to take over vice city.
bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bambam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bambam bam bam bam elmo
by ...on my chest October 22, 2009
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