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6 definitions by LN

Red Grover. Laughs when tickled unless batteries are dead.
by LN July 19, 2003
The external portion of the human female mammary glands. aka "breasts"
If you give me a ride home I'll show you my (.)(.)!
by LN July 19, 2003
condition in which a person behaves inappropriately whenever they are ou in public. Such person has no idea how to act or communicate in the presence of others but does not get embarrassed because they aren't aware of their own deficiencies.
Please excuse my mother, she suffers from social retartation.
by LN July 19, 2003
The twisted result of rolling your underwear off your ass, down your legs, and onto the floor. (Usually kicked off one foot toward hamper.) Not recommended for human consumption, however some dogs are known to savor the flavor.
You know its time to clean when there are underwear pretzels all over your bedroom floor!
by LN July 19, 2003
adult diaper that promises to hold "a lot of dung" (as demonstrated in the tv commercial, when a gallon of iced tea was pored into the diaper to simulate the amount of feces it can hold).
by LN July 19, 2003
Googlism.com will find out what Google.com thinks of you, your friends or anything.
Googlisms for Bill Gates:
bill gates is satan' page
bill gates is satan conspiracy theory
bill gates is a satanic worshiper who uses microsoft to gain
bill gates is richer than
bill gates is the anti christ
bill gates is a theif
bill gates is on the bus
bill gates is a hero
bill gates is darth vader
bill gates is opening windows on world health
by LN November 24, 2004