(Noun) Slang for an object or person introduced into an environment in order to make that environment more habitable for more stupid children.
Parent: Oh, where's that lovely detailed globe of the world gone, Mrs Klaptrap?

Teacher: Too complicated for suburb kids, so we got an elmo in. It only shows where North America and Iraq are, and later we'll add the ballistic missile trajectory to it once they're up to third grade.
by Coaldrone January 21, 2004
The best and most adorable character on Sesame Street, bar none! Also available in foot-high plushie form.
by Solitaire August 20, 2003
pronunciation: el-mo

the best character on sesame street. or he was before he got elmo's world.
lalalala, lalalala, elmo's song. lalalala, lalalala, elmo's song. he wrote the music, he wrote the words. that's elmo's song!!!
by Anonymous April 19, 2003
1. A little red dude on Sesame Street who now has his own crapshoot *ahem* show, Elmo's World. Voiced by a black guy named Kevin Clash.
2. A slang word used by preps in the remotest of cities in Western Canada meaning french kiss.
1. Sissy, put in my Elmo tape, pwease!
2. Oh my gosh, last night I elmoed with Joey!!!
by Psyche May 15, 2004
A tall ginger person that can usually be found wandering the streets of the English town of Workington. He is usually found late at night and answers to the name Lee or Elmo.
I saw Elmo last night walking past the skatepark.
by michael terleckji December 10, 2005
1.bright red sesame street character - pure evil, v.v.v. psychopathic & knows where u live. keep your eyes peeled: he is very short, skinny, with a small rugby ball head & 2 plastic white balls with black dots for eyes - black mouth always hangs slightly open in a very scary way. 2.harmless cute cuddly thng wit freaky movin blanky.
aaaaaaaahh!!! you killed me elmo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
awwww, look, it's elmo!!!
by SheWithTheFatCat January 27, 2007
instead of using a ro-mo, smoking a whole L(blunt) through a water bottle
yo kyle! wanna smoke a blunt then do a ro-mo?
wtf?!?! you crazy ass white boy let's blaze an el-mo son!!
by byahhhh October 14, 2007
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