A puppet on Sesame Street who spends all his time eating shit sandwiches.
First, Elmo watches the sandwich being made. Now he is eating the sandwich. And now he is shitting out the sandwich.
by rustyshackleford December 10, 2007
the koolest killing red guy on s.str. a pimp who will shoot u'r ass for comin on his block. and has more hoes than all the rappers on earth.
{skweeky voice} elmo's a pimp biotch!!!! and elmo know were u live!!!
by chaosgod March 02, 2005
A do-anything horse that has a huge character. Loves going for a trail ride and often reflects his/her mood with no hesitation. Always loves a treat but can't stand still for too long.
"Wow, that's an Elmo."
by Elmorulz March 13, 2013
ELMO - THE PENIS. An actual human penis and testicles, named ELMO, which were donated to the world's only Penis Museum, located in Iceland. Has RED pubic hair attached.
Elmo The Penis was donated by an American man who was over-endowed and had enough to share. Elmo and his balls belong to the museum. Even has RED HAIR! As found at: www.phallus.is

by Xizang December 10, 2006
"dude that was so elmo", "yo that trick was so elmo"
by Smidget May 03, 2006
if big bird and elmo had babies the would be ugly and who would thing of think of that
well i guss i would :(
by TYLER October 29, 2003
Elmo is a red,furry character from TV.He's really adorable.But he's kind of insane,because he talks to fishes,like Dorothy,the goldfish.So...KIDS BEWARE.
Elmo knows where you live.
by TeletubbiesHola January 02, 2011

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