A puppet on Sesame Street who spends all his time eating shit sandwiches.
First, Elmo watches the sandwich being made. Now he is eating the sandwich. And now he is shitting out the sandwich.
by rustyshackleford December 10, 2007
the koolest killing red guy on s.str. a pimp who will shoot u'r ass for comin on his block. and has more hoes than all the rappers on earth.
{skweeky voice} elmo's a pimp biotch!!!! and elmo know were u live!!!
by chaosgod March 02, 2005
The God of Toddlers.
All the kids in kindergarten worship their god, Elmo, the God of toddlers.
by Anthony W. Yochmann October 16, 2010
1. the essence of evil
2.an annoyance or epic noob
3.the most evil thing, EVER!
1. man this place if full of elmo man.
2. man dude this guy keeps making roflcopters he's such an elmo.
by xaria347 May 26, 2010
A giant, hairy tomato
Elmo is a giant, hairy tomato.
by Xtremehairball September 28, 2009
The route of all evil. Comes off sweet, cuddly, and lovable, but give him the opportunity and he will eat your babies and molest you in your sleep.
kid 1: My sister got real quiet after we got my baby brother that elmo doll...
kid 2: Dude... where IS your baby brother?
by Tiger911 January 26, 2009
The New Definition of sayin someone is a biter ; Someone who bites or steals peoples dance moves
"Bitch thats a-mo's move... You an Elmo!!"
by James Ericson December 28, 2007

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