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when related to terms of substance and substance abuse, and 'egg' is a quantity that certain drugs might be bought, such as mary jane.

generally speakin an egg is an eighth, and a goose egg would be an ounce.
a: "yo man, whats good?"
b: "got eggs for 65"
by faulty_fukin_plans August 27, 2006
6 14
(verb) To throw eggs at someone/something.
(adjective) Something that has eggs all over itself.
(noun) Something an animal, like a chicken or crocodile, gives birth to.
Verb example:
- I whisteled the Windows shutdown melody, as a joke, and I got egged at the Linux-convention...

Adjective example:
- My face is egged... and I love it.

Noun example:
- Did you just eat that?
- You mean the egg? Yepp! Why?
- I have one word for you: golf ball.
by Supply and Demand January 21, 2003
17 25
Excellent. Also: eggsalad.
Girlfriend: Honey, I just bought you a new xbox 360 for your birthday!
You: EGGS!!
Girlfriend: WTF?
You: Oh yeah, sorry. Thank you so much, this is excellent.
by Sean Boots September 25, 2006
29 38
A white person who thinks they are asian.

Ie: Egg; White on outside-Yellow on inside.
Stupid 'Otaku' People: Dude! I SO watched Inuyasha last night and I was all like! Woah! Dude! Kagome is SO KAWAII! XP

Ie: Stupid white kids who like to think they speak Japanese and are Asian because they know what 'kawaii' and 'baka' mean!
by Flower April 11, 2005
28 37

1. to throw eggs at

2. a person

According to a news story from a few weeks ago a Russian man has told some youths "go ahead, egg my Hummer".
by The Return of Light Joker January 06, 2008
3 13
As a negative, Eggs will put down or insult someone or something. instead of saying shitty, bad, horrible, loser, he/she sucks.
-Peter "Hey Gorge, did you see spiderman 3"
Gorge "It's fucking 'eggs'!"
-"Steve your 'eggs'"
-"walking is eggs, lets drive"
by BHC CREW June 14, 2007
16 26
A small, egg-shaped object that is usually colored egg-white.
Egg: This is what you call the reflexive property.
by Carl the Bus November 12, 2006
21 31