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Now a somewhat old-fashioned, quaint and/or humorous word for a person, usually moderated with the evaluative 'good' or 'bad'.
The owners of that venue are such good eggs.

I don't trust him. The others are okay, but he's a bad egg.
by veleveleappeltjes March 15, 2005
They belong in a cup and deserve to be eaten with a fork.
"How do you like your eggs?"
"In a cup."
by Mansae3 April 09, 2009
Extremely Generic Guy. Someone who falls in the category of being extremely generic and predictable. Usually dresses in a button down shirt, boot cut jeans, dark clad club shoes. They all have the same haircut and act the same. They get drunk before heading into a dance club and they all act the same. Hence the generic guy. They are often found in dance clubs and only hook-up.
Look at that E.G.G. on the dance floor. God, they all act the same.
by Raj June 19, 2004
The oval object that birds lay. Some you eat, some you leave to hatch. Also:

Slang for an Ecstacy Tablet.

Something an immature child calls another child as a supposed insult.
1) Matt: You're gay. Jahdon: Shutup you egg.
2) Hey man i'll give you an egg for $35
3) Wow, the chicken just laid an egg!
by [tEG] December 21, 2003
male testicles, see nuts
dude, you got some eggs, man
by 3rd nut April 14, 2002
A person who is white on the outside but yellow (asian) on the inside.
That white girl got a 100 on the calc test?
Yea, she's an egg.
by Eggnumerouno January 24, 2009
Something that is good, or great.
This drink is so egg.
by EJdaDJ January 06, 2009