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a white person who is very asian inside; that one white kid who hangs out with all the asians
"Why does he always hang out with asians?"
"Oh, you didn't know? he's an egg."
by KiraLunar April 22, 2010
a feeling that you get when you write with a pen that is very smooth and rich
"Dude, let me see that pen."
"This pen is so cool, I got a pengasm yesterday."
by KiraLunar April 20, 2010
adj. a term used to describe a picture that most people post on Tumblr. Tumblrites may know what "tumblrworthy pictures" are.
Ann: -Looking at Photobucket- Hm, that picture is Tumblrworthy.
by KiraLunar September 26, 2010
adj. a picture,a quote, or a story that is worth reblogging on tumblr, twitter, etc.
B : (online chat) Hey A ! check this out on my tumblr
A: Damn ! now THAT is rebloggable. Im going to reblog from you on my tumblr
by KiraLunar August 09, 2010
adj. to be loud only on facebook, while quiet in real life. Similar to keyboard warrior
"Wait, I know her."
"Nah, she's only facebook loud."
by KiraLunar April 29, 2010
A dumbfuck on the internet who says "lol" or "lolzz" or "lolz" in every sentence.
"lollzzzz yeahh i know haha lolzzzzz"
"Are you a lolfuck?"
by KiraLunar May 04, 2010
an asian person who is whitewashed. yellow outside, white inside.
"She's a banana."
"Really? I always thought she hung out with asians."
by KiraLunar April 22, 2010

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