<P1>Don't be such an egg, my friend.
<Egg> Oh just shut up, why can't you act in your normal ways?!
<P1> Ah, the good times...
by ThenewURL June 09, 2016
Used as an insult, usually just a light hearted one
"You are a class A free range egg" or simply "you egg!"
by roskal June 05, 2015
A derogatory comment towards someone to cause offence, usually when they perform a stupid or bad act. (Either in hindsight or present)
Jeff: I just bought a BMW!
Bill: You egg! You should have bought a cheaper car!
by Greenlewiegee May 11, 2013
nickname of someone who's going ro be wirh shinrato and who rikes patutu ro birs and pieces
Sata: ooh i'm an egg i rike shinrato and patutu!!
by thisisnotkamirre September 05, 2012
A bad band from Iowa that wears sweater vests, hideous shorts, and have messed up hand signals for "Ignition". They usually golf after a "Battle of the Bands" tournament.
"Egg? Really, Egg?"
by UNI_whore April 17, 2010
Egg - noun
It's what comes out of a chicken, and then a chicken comes out of it. But, sadly, no one knows which came first. Apparently, the word 'egg' is also used for white people who like asian people and their culture; according to some, it also means 'smelly fat Russian' ...

to Egg - verb

The action of throwing raw chicken eggs from one's balcony at taxis which are passing by, late at night. After the egg reaches the target, the Egger thrower of the egg ducks out of sight and spies on the confused/angered taxi driver as he steps out to examine the 'damage'. The ultimate goal of an Egger is to egg (hit) a taxi twice - once whilst it is in motion, and once more after the driver has gotten back in to his car after the 'examination'. However, a true Egger never throws an egg at cars other than taxis, nor at any person, even the taxi driver himself/herself.
Our eggs will block out the Sun!

It's Saturday night, and the Eggers remain silently poised on their balcony, anticipating the taxi driver's shock and bewilderment.
by The Eggmen February 21, 2010
A Person who is white but is Asian washed
White outside but yellow inside
I am an Egg
by Neospreenz January 06, 2011
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