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white on the outside, yellow on the inside.
a wanna be asian.
keith is an egg.
"my kimono is too long. Damn im such an egg"
by England June 04, 2005
an insult implying the individual is gay
to steal or bang ass
Jim-"ARG there be the booty i be wantin to score"
Chris"Damn it Jim you're such an ass pirate"
by England June 04, 2005
1.one who is continuously working to come in contact with the crotch of the opposite gender.
2.one who loves sex.
3.quite literally a crotch rider.
"Chris got 3 chicks last night. Hes such a crotch jockey."
by England June 20, 2005
the product atained by cutting a cigar and stuffing it with marijuana.
a stuffed cigar.
"pass that dutch..."
by England June 12, 2005
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