Top Definition
something or someone which displays extraordinary beauty in what they are doing. (Male or Female)
WOH!! Did you see that dubinsky fly down the ice and beat broduer? Yeah bro', hes almost as good as that dubinsky (female) I had in bed last night.
by Sean Danese June 30, 2010
a person who looks like they're 21 after the fourth grade.
Man if I were only a dubinsky, I could buy grey goose for this whole fucking party...too bad I look like I've looked like I was nine since college!
by RAISINS May 26, 2007
Used to describe something with such a powerfully bad odor that it is unbearable.
Oh man, my bathroom smells like dubinsky.
by rzd December 07, 2004
a boy of short stature commonly reffered to as a faggot.
man that guy is a dubinsky
by fuji November 22, 2004
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