An eejit is an Irish expression for the english 'fool' (or idiot)
will ya take yer feet off da table ya big eejit!
by katigo July 02, 2009
Irish colloquialism derived from 'idiot' meaning fool or simpleton tending to act in a comically irrational way.
"She's an eejit. She thought her car had been stolen so called her parents, her insurance company and the police to report the theft. Next morning she found she'd parked round the corner."
by Ben S Demise March 24, 2004
irish slang for a dumbtard.

often used affectionately.

Just wait until I get my hands on that little eejit, I'll wring his scrawny little neck.
by imagine purple August 07, 2009
a human that is quick witted, slightly sadistic, very humerous, slightly crazy adn likes joan jett
sarah wilson...or remy...or both mixed together would be an eejit
by jerkyknee April 22, 2011
A human with a computer chip implanted into his or her brain. Eejits are similar to mindless zombies and only obey voice command orders. If an eejit were told to stay it would stay at the same spot until it was told otherwise even if it were in a lifethreatening condition.
The workers on opium poppy fields in South America are usually eejits.
by ryktan June 25, 2007
irish roots
an idiot, a moron, a thicko, a weirdo, a freak, a raving mad lunatic and all in all a stupid eejit
*person walks into lampost*
"what an eejit"
by **livingalie** March 10, 2006
To offend someone that has done something stupid!
An old Northern Irish Word
A word for an idiot

muggy bell end idiot
"Wtf you do that for you eejit?"
by xXxLauraxXx November 26, 2007

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