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A Scottish word, used to curse, in the same way as 'Oh no!' can be used.

This word often comes naturally to Scots, as a sound made to describe misery or anger.

Also used with the word 'aye' to mean 'all is well'.
1. "Och, it's been bucketin' rain all day!"

2. "It's och aye the noo."
by Lobsterface December 17, 2005
OCHS is in Ocean Shitty, NJ. All upper, sea isle and Ocean City kids go there. We HATE mainland. Their are more drug dealers then their are black kids and we think we're gang members. We suck at sports since we all white. Our parents are millionaire's. We have a surf club and thats the only thing we win. Our librarian fucked a horse. On the weekend everyone gets shitty and higher then our parents income but never in OC, bangers always get crashed by the rent-a-cops.

609 - for life
I'll meet you under the arch at OCHS.

OCHS has the best bangers.

OCHS reppin 609
by OCHS best dealerr January 21, 2011
basically the same as the scottish definition, but can be said by any dialect- used as a humerous term. this version of och lightens up a sentence, Or it can be effectively used to break any awkward silences
och no!, och yeah!, Och fish pie, *an awkward silence* OCH!
by Lil China Doll April 28, 2006
/oh-see-aych/ n., The Old China Hand, a bar located at 104 Lockhart Road, Wanchai Hong Kong. It is one of Hong Kong's enduring constants, offering 24-hour booze, a plentiful selection of professional and - on weekends - amateur talent and a halfway decent jukebox. Patronised by primarily by expats from the Anglosphere.
Bloke: It's Sunday, I want to get pissed and hit on something.
Other Bloke: O.C.H.!
by Toytown Traveler November 23, 2006
OCH - Obsessive Compulsive Hoarders

Pronounced as "ooo-ch"

Primarily aimed at stoners and people who go to house parties and the house is owned by OCH'S.
Jo: "Yo dat bitch is OCH"

Carmell: "yeah dat house is ratchet"
by Charline14 August 10, 2014
obsessive compulsive hyperlinking
a web 2.0 ailment characterized by an uncontrollable urge to hyperlink to everything.
that blogger has OCH. he has a hyperlink in every sentence of his blog post.
by coolmel March 12, 2006
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