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Misspelling of the word 'they'. First seen in a snippet of men's bathroom graffiti at Sterling's Restaurant (Sunland, CA) in 1985.
Truck drivers are a carzy bunch - what we call pussy, thay call lunch!
by turrican September 12, 2007
this is a yorksire slang word for you
thay ent gorra clu (you dont have a clue
by l a September 13, 2007
'Thay' is often associated with the words 'hay', 'ay bay bay' and 'crazay', etc. Also associated with white hip-hop fans in an attempt to sound 'cool'. As well as bad impersonations of gay men, usually pronounced 'th-aaaaaay' or 'h-aaaay', etc.
More commonly, 'thay' is a misspelling of 'they'.
Billy: Hay! What're thay doing?
Tim: You spelled 'Hey' AND 'they' wrong!
Billy: Nuh-uh! I meant to. I'm cool.
by birdistheword14 July 05, 2010

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